Below are some of the current research projects I am working on this Fall 2021 :

Rural Crisis Decision-Making: Risk Information Management and Reactions to Precaution Recommendations during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Appalachia

This is a grant (awarded $109,400) from the National Science Foundation to study how rural populations in Appalachia are adapting to the pandemic. It is a large sample longitudinal study following changes over 4 time periods using latent growth curve modeling with time-invariant and time-varying covariates.

A Latent Transition Analysis of Relational Turbulence Theory

This study takes a person-centered approach to study how partner's biased cognitive appraisals and negative emotions transition over the course of a relationship due to relational stressors.

A Dyadic Test of Relational Turbulence Theory in Marriages

Using the actor-partner interdependence mediation model (APIMeM), this study tests propositions of Relational Turbulence Theory in married couples. It provides direct tests of 3 propositions using contemporary analyses of dyadic mediation.

Clarity and Cognitive Load in Medical Simulations

Through a partnership with WVU medicine (surgical oncology), this is an ongoing assessment of medical students' learning in a simulation center.

*A few more projects are in the works including several methods and statistics primers for communication science.