Below are some of the current research projects I am working on this Summer 2020 :

Rural Crisis Decision-Making: Risk Information Management and Reactions to Precaution Recommendations during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Appalachia

This is a grant (awarded $109,400) from the National Science Foundation to study how rural populations in Appalachia are adapting to the pandemic. It is a large sample longitudinal study following changes over 4 time periods using latent growth curve modeling with time-invariant and time-varying covariates.

Relational Turbulence During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Within-Subjects Mediation by Romantic Partner Influence

This study examines how the pandemic has changed romantic partners' facilitation and interference of everyday routines, and in turn, has increased relational turbulence after the pandemic started.

Relational Uncertainty within Relational Turbulence Theory: The Bifactor Exploratory Structural Equation Model

Guided by Relational Turbulence Theory, this study examines the construct of relational uncertainty in a bifactor ESEM. By examining the multidimensional nature of relational uncertainty as a general factor controlling for residualized factors (self uncertainty, partner uncertainty, relationship uncertainty), relational uncertainty can be statistically modeled as a latent variable in line with early theorizing about uncertainty. 

A Dyadic Test of Relational Turbulence Theory in Marriages

Using the actor-partner interdependence mediation model (APIMeM), this study tests propositions of Relational Turbulence Theory in married couples. It provides direct tests of 3 propositions using contemporary analyses of dyadic mediation.

Clarity and Cognitive Load in Medical Simulations

Through a partnership with WVU medicine (surgical oncology), this is an ongoing assessment of medical students' learning in a simulation center.

*A few more projects are in the works including several methods and statistics primers for communication science.

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