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Below are some of the current research projects I am working on this Fall 2023 :

Inertia and Volatility of Biased Cognitive Appraisals: A Test of Relational Turbulence Theory

This 30-day intensive longitudinal study uses dynamic structural equation modeling to determine partners' day-to-day rumination impacts communication about their relationships 1-month later. Person-specific parameters are modeled to study reactivity to, and perturbations in, partner's biased cognitions about their relationships as they persist over time. 

Sources of Relational Uncertainty in Marriage: A Dyadic Study of Relational Turbulence Theory

This dyadic study examines actor and partner processes that lead to relational turbulence originating from husbands' and wives' content of relational uncertainty (children, communication, careers, finances, health, commitment, in-laws/family, sex, retirement, religion, leisure). 

An Intensive Longitudinal Study of the Theory of Resilience and Relational Load

This 30-day intensive longitudinal study uses dynamic structural equation modeling to determine if relational maintenance builds up emotional reserves that buffer against daily stressors and relationship difficulties.

Students' Psychological Barriers to Rhetorical Dissent: A Random-Intercept Latent Transition Analysis

This study applies person-centered modeling to study why students do not feel comfortable speaking to their professors over the course of a semester.

Using Completed Examples to Manage Students' Cognitive Load while Learning Stitching and Suturing

Through a partnership with WVU Surgical Oncology, this is a medical education simulation designed to help medical students learn how to complete simple interrupted, simple running, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, deep dermal, and running subcuticular stiches (on pig's feet).

A Person-Centered Approach to Understanding the Health Literacy of Deployed Veterans

This study examines deployed veterans' health literacy and communication with primary care providers. 


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